How to create your own videos for school marketing

A module-by-module course aimed specifically at school marketing managers through a series of videos that enable you to pick up whenever time allows, so that your learn at your own pace.

We all know that video is now more important than ever before for your social media communications.

But you can't always justify hiring a professional company for your digital content, especially when many schools want to release new video content on a regular basis.

This training course will allow you to create your own marketing videos at times when you might not otherwise have anything except a few photos. Events such as:

  • Exam results day
  • Amazing art and performance projects
  • A visit from the local MP
  • An update on current Covid precautions 
  • Demonstrating how to use the parent portal in your school management software
  • An update from the Head

The list is literally endless.

This training course will help school marketing teams (and other staff) to learn everything you need to know to about creating your own school marketing videos.

See below for the modules ⬇️⬇️

14 videos.

All aimed at school marketing teams.

Hi, I’m Simon... 🇬🇧

I started working with schools to help them with photography and video back in 2012. Before that I was a marketing manager myself for a company that supplied independent schools with software. I learned then that I love working with schools and wanted to combine that with my passion for photography and video.

Since 2012 I've worked with over 800 schools across the UK and overseas too.

Now I want to share that learning I've acquired to assist school marketing teams everywhere.


We like to keep things as simple as possible. To access all elements of the course there's a one-time fee of £399 +VAT. No credit card needed either, I'll email over an invoice after you've received your login details and off we go 😃

How to access:

It's simple. Just email me at [email protected] and let me know you'd like to join. And I'll sort the rest.

It's literally that easy.

From my last course

(an unprompted review on LinkedIn)

Learning that suits you

This course is specifically tailored to the requirements of schools, in particular school marketing teams, so they can improve their videos and photos.


With a solid background as a marketing manager, Simon talks your language and is in tune with the needs of school marketing managers today.

Keeping it fun

Married with two children, Simon is 100% a family man. His daughters remind him (daily) what life is like for children and teenagers in 21st Century schools.