How to create your own podcast

A short module-by-module course that enables you to create your own podcast. Nothing heavy, nothing too technical, just a straightforward guide to get you going.

Video-based learning

Everything you need to start your podcast channel

Hi, I'm Simon! And I'm here to serve you.

Whether you're a solopreneur, a corporate business, a school or something completely different, you might be here because you want to start your own podcast channel.

Maybe you don't know how to do it. Maybe you've started already but you think you might benefit from learning new techniques.

Whatever your situation I'm here to help you get going.

There's no cost for this course, it's 100% free of charge because I'm passionate about more and more people starting their own podcast channel.

You might wonder who I am though. I worked as a marketing manager for 15 years before starting my own business in freelance photography and video. When 2020 hit the world I started my own podcast and fell in love with the medium of voice.

Consequently I started a new business helping other people to get their podcast up and running.


It's all free. Completely free. Not even a link to 'buy me a coffee', it's simply free.

A word of caution though. Sometimes when something is free we tend to value it less, not engage with it, not even finish it(!) So don't be one of those people. Actually learn from this and put it all into action. I just want to see your podcast up and running 😃

Learning that suits you

This course is tailored to the requirements of people wanting to start their own podcast. Solopreneurs, corporate businesses, charities and schools.


With a solid background as a marketing manager, Simon talks your language and is in tune with the needs of business owners and corporate staff today.

Keeping it fun

As a Dad of two children, Simon is in touch with what people need when they're a middle-aged parent but also what life is like for younger people growing up.