When visiting schools to help with images for a marketing I'm often asked the same questions over and over. So I decided to create this mini training course for free to help school marketing managers use better photos on social media channels and in their News sections online.

Hi, I'm Simon! And I'm here to serve you.

Whether you're a 3-18 Co-Ed Day & Boarding school with 800 pupils or an owner-managed prep school known only in your local area, it's my job to equip you with the right tools to help you connect with your current and prospective parents at a deeper level.

You might wonder who I am though. I started working with school marketing managers back in 2012. Before that I was a marketing manager myself for a company that supplied independent schools with software. This was when I connected with the education sector and felt a need to help marketing managers with the tools I'd acquired as a hobby; photography, video and podcasting.

Since 2012 I've worked with over 800 schools across the UK and overseas too.

And now I want to share that learning I've acquired with others in schools everywhere.

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Learning that suits your school

This course is specifically tailored to the schools market, and in particular school marketing teams so they can take better photos.


With a solid background as a marketing manager, Simon talks your language and is in tune with the needs of school marketing managers today.

Keeping it fun

Married with two children, Simon is 100% a family man. His daughters remind him (daily) what life is like for children in 21st century schools.